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Band members Solo artist
Genre EDM
Influences Swing, Jazz, Classical and 80s Pop
Location Swansea, UK

KiRSt is recording artist, songwriter based in Swansea, UK who has been developing her career as vocalist and topliner, collaborating with DJ's and producers in the EDM scene.

KiRSt's first live performances were playing with a Jazz Swing Quartet when she was just 19, she then joined an all-ladies Welsh big swing band called the 'All Stars', where KiRSt performed vocals, backing vocals and played the piano up until 2014.

KiRSt's sounds are influenced by many genres of music, especially electronic based sounds combined with her love for Swing, Jazz, Classical and 80s Pop.

KiRSt is also the lead vocalist and co-producer for an Electronica Indie group called 'Air Arcade', which is based both in Dublin and Swansea. They focus on creating atmospheric electronica, mixed with heavy influences from the 80's. Their tracks 'Lifeguard' and their latest release 'Phantom' has both had radio play on BBC Radio Wales through BBC introducing.