Image of 2B3 Productions logo

2B3 Productions

Award-winning producer, songwriter and remixer.

Image of Audio Animals logo

Audio Animals

Offering a multitude of high quality audio services; mixing and mastering, online mastering and stem mastering.

Image of Bespoke Accounting Services logo

Bespoke Accounting Services

Offering tailor made accounting solutions for small businesses, partnerships, sole traders, charities and self employed individuals.

Image of Cassell The Beatmaker logo

Cassell The Beatmaker

Ivor Novello, award-winning songwriter and music producer.

Image of Compound Audio logo

Compound Audio

Specialists in mixing, mastering and audio production.

Image of Design Freak logo

Design Freak

Specialising in custom front-end web development and graphic design. Social media and brand identity consultant.

Image of DMU logo


Dance Music Unplugged. Record producer and songwriter.

Image of Gore Consultancy logo

Gore Consultancy

Legal services.

Image of George Eyo logo

George Eyo

London based creative portrait, beauty and fashion photographer, retoucher and backdrop illustrator.

Image of Green Olive logo

Green Olive

Comprehensive self-learning guide to Classical Piano 4 Volumes, 3 CD's and over 1000 online videos.

Image of Hazardous Musik logo

Hazardous Musik

Independent digital label specialising in Drum & Bass by DJ Papa Gee.

Image of Ill Flava Records logo

Ill Flava

UK Hip Hop Label in delivering a true reflection of the lifestyle lead by the British street youth.

Image of Independant Music Group (IMG) logo

Independent Music Group

A leading independent music publisher specialising in providing personalised music and copyright services for the music industry.

Image of Shaddow Group logo

Shaddow Group

Shaddow Group is a leading mixed media company based in East London with over 20 years experience.

Image of Sanuley logo


A fashion brand that is elegant, timeless and chic. Sierra Leonean with a touch British.