About Us

JPM Recordings (Just Play Music) is a British, London based independent Music Production, Artist Development and Record Label founded in 2005 by music producer, Ransford Roy-Macaulay (aka Darkjoint). Not confined to a specific genre, the program of JPM Recordings varies from Hiphop, RnB, Soul, Pop, Electronic Synthwave, Dance, Afrobeat, Reggae, Dub and Bass music to sometimes improvised darker experimental sounds, Ambient and Electronica.

The label was created as a vehicle for Darkjoint to release unsigned projects that he could develop while working in partnership with more established labels to promote, market and distribute these projects. The very first partnership to be developed and released was the single entitled 'Life', by the award-winning artist, Serocee in 2006 which was a true collaborative effort between JPM Recordings and Ill Flava Records, headed by the legendary UK Hip Hop rapper, Karl Hinds.

The success of 'Life' gave JPM Recordings a foundation to build on and has thus developed and released music by Emanuel thesinger of Starlight Crew and several other artists. During the past decade JPM has grown from a simple idea to a team of various writers, producers, sound engineers who have completed works for Channel 4 (Hip Hop Nights), Channel U (Miss U Babes), No Bling TV and various other media organisations.

In 2015, JPM Recordings teamed up with Office Girls management team, Ellis Rich and Marvin Howell to develop, write and produce tracks for their latest girl band 'The Office Girls', which resulted in a hit single 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is', produced and co-written by our very own Darkjoint.

Please visit the News & Media page to read up on all the current projects by JPM Recordings.

Meet The Team

Image of Ransford Roy-Macaulay of JPM Recordings

Ransford Roy-Macaulay aka Darkjoint

Founder and Owner of JPM Recordings
Producer, Songwriter and Label Owner

Image of Daniel of Kapuscinscy Empire Ltd

Daniel Kapuscinski

Owner at Kapuscinscy Empire Ltd
In-House Engineer, Composer, Musician and Producer

Image of Dean of Compound Audio

Dean Pratt aka Dapz

Owner at Compound Audio
Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Consultant

Image of Von Shaw of Gore Consultants

Devon Shaw

Owner at Gore Consultancy
Legal Advisor

Image of Katherine Chu of Design Freak

Katherine Chu

Owner at Design Freak
Web & Design, Social Media & Marketing, Consultant

Image of Sam Addo of Shaddow Group

Sam Addo

Owner at Shaddow Group
A&R and Marketing, Video Director, Consultant

Image of Sam Addo of Shaddow Group

Shobie Leong

Owner at Shobie Leong
A&R, Artist Management, Consultant