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JPM Recordings have a team of in-house producers with extensive experience in a variety of different genres from Pop, Future Soul, Electronic, EDM to RnB, Hip Hop, DnB and Reggae.

Remixing your track attracts DJs to play your music in their different environments for their market audiences, such as clubs and radio stations. We have lots or virtual instruments as well as vintage and mordern synths, so whatever your choice of remix, JPM Recordings will be able to create the sound you're looking for. Click here to view a comprehensive list of our equipment.

If you'd like to get started, you will need to provide the original stems and the genre/s you would like your track/s remixed to, including any references to further aid us in getting the sound right.

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Our Gear

Digital Console

Tascam DM4800 Console with Advanced DAW Control

Mic Preamps

TL Audio 5051 Valve Voice Channel
TF Pro P2 Voice Channel
TL Audio A2 Valve Voice Channel


Neumann TLM103
SE Electronics 22000
Shure SM 57 / 58
Sennheiser Mics

Analog, Dynamics, EQ & Other Outboard

SSL Master Bus Compressor (Clone)
TL Audio A4 Summing Mixer
Lexicon Multi Fx
Warp Factory Electrix Vocoder
Electro Harmonix Bi-Filter
Drawmer Stereo Compressor
Boss SD700 Multi Fx


SSL MADI Extreme 64
SSL Alpha link AX
Motu 896HD
Tascam IF/FW


Dynaudio BM6a
Fostex PM1
Events 20/20
Samson 4 way Studio Headphone Amp
Quad 405-2 Amplifier
Sennheiser HD650 Headphones


Avid Pro Tools 10 / 11 / 12.5
Apple Logic Pro X
Reason 8.5
Mixbus by Harrison


Nektar Panorama P6
NI Maschine Studio


Apple MacPro Dual-2.4 GHz Quad Core
Apple Mac Mini 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5
Apple iPad Control Surface


NI Komplete 10
Maschine 2.6
Arturia V5 Collection
Various others