Singer/songwriter and producer from an Italian - Senegalese parentage, whose love of music, drove him to develop his own unique blend of harmony and rhythm. Exotic and alluring, Adama spent his formative years between Dakar, London, Los Angeles, Paris and Milan....

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Daniel Kopland

Daniel Kopland is a Spanish singer/Songwriter and classical pianist. After graduating from Piano Performance at the Royal Academy of Music of Madrid he was granted a scholarship to pursue a Masters Degree on the subject at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London...

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Darkjoint first appeared within the UK Hip Hop scene in 1999 with the Malarchi hit single 'No Question' which charted in the UK Pop chart at number 37 and the UK Hip Hop chart at no 6. He went on to produce the follow up single by Malarchi entitle 'U 4 Days' which also entered the UK Pop chart at 38 in the summer of 2000. Read more

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Emanuel thesinger

Emanuel thesinger is a recording artist and has been performing on stage for over 15 years. His first ever performance was in a night club in Paddington, West London where a DJ put Emanuel on stage and he sang in front of a live audience, from that day forward other DJ's shined the spot light on this young RnB / Reggae singer until eventually Emanuel's talent was discovered by an established DJ who formed a group called The Starlight Crew. Read more

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