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Band members Solo artist
Genre Hip Hop
Influences Dr Dre, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, 2B3, DJ Eddie F
EPK Download
Location London, UK

Darkjoint first appeared within the UK Hip Hop scene in 1999 with the Malarchi hit single 'No Question' which charted in the UK Pop chart at number 37 and the UK Hip Hop chart at no 6. He went on to produce the follow up single by Malarchi entitled, 'U 4 Days', which also entered the UK Pop chart at 38 in the summer of 2000.

The bond and chemistry between Darkjoint and Malarchi produced the hit album by Malarchi entitled 'Forgotten World' which also contain the underground Hip Hop chart hit 'Da Shock' feature the legendary US rapper Canibus the following year in 2001.

On completing the 'Forgotten World' album by Malarchi in 2000, Darkjoint immediately started working on the follow up album in the story time line with his debut album 'Forgotten Ones' which produced the single 'Still Love You' featuring Serocee and Emanuel thesinger. The album featured various MCs in the UK Hip Hop scene of that era and the album was completed a decade later in 2010.

Due to record label ramblings and legalities the album was put on hold and could not be released until now. It has taken a while but the album is out now.

The recipe to make a dark banging joint is as follows:
  1. Firstly, you will need a big cooking pot, preferably a Dutch pot with the big handles and strings to hold it. If your misses will not provide you one then try a sampler with a large enough memory to hold your unique sound library.
  2. Find your self a solid drum kit which you can get from any decent Hip Hop instrumental or break beat. Drum machine's are usually raw sample sounds without processing so you will need to tweak them heavy.
  3. Dig deep in the crate to find your unique sample to give the track an identity so it can stand on its own. Perfect example would be any classic hip hop track. Then drop a rugged kick drum rhythm as the beat canvas to build on.
  4. Add 2 pounds of snare and 1 ounce of hi hat mixed with cubasa and some shakers. Add 10 pounds of bass to provide a mashed up driving groove, sizzled with some deep guitar low down over drive. Sprinkle some piano and horns to get the melody happening. By now the pot. Sorry the sampler should be hot waiting for the right vocals to bless it. One of my trade secret is to cool the beat down with some strings if its to hot.
  5. Run down to the nearest Her Majesty Pleasure to seek an inmate who has been locked up for at least 10 years (Trust me mate he can deliver one of the most depressing track ever recorded). If the guards refuse, then get the right MC with an explosive energy of 100 mega ton yield of nuclear blast to do justice to your wonderful creation.
  6. Finally stir or tweak and mixed 'til golden brown. Serve to your local DJ for his immediate attention which hopefully should get the hype bubbling. Tell all your mates and all the skets. Sorry girls you know to request the track from your local stations. I tell you my friends, you have a bright future behind you in the world of UK Hip Hop production. Don't give up the day job until you have a number 1 hit. Mail me at with your royalty cheque or credit card details for more tips).

  7. PS. In order to cook up a Darkjoint, follow the steps above and add the mind of a mad frustrated nuclear physicist whose actions will determine the fate of mankind with his next creation. Add to this his stubborn attitude towards any form of authority is intolerable. Mixed this with the genius of any of the great Austrian Classical Music composers. Then and only then will you be able to create a Darkjoint.
Darkjoint (2001)

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