Banner of Darkjoint

Role Producer
Genre/s Pop, Electronic and Urban
Location London, UK
Credits Adama, Emanuel thesinger, Eve-Yasmine, The Spacerun, Luke Neptune, Office Girls, Brian Chase

Darkjoint is the veteran UK Hip Hop producer who started his career working with some of the scenes greatest MCs in the late 90s and early 2000s. He was approached by an up-and-coming record label, Gemtoy Records to produce songs for some of their artist roster which gave him the opportunity to sign his friend and longtime collaborator, Malarchi to the label. This collaboration resulted in the album ‘Forgotten World’, which spawned two top 40 singles and various TV appearances on BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4.

In 2005, Darkjoint created JPM Recordings as a label and music production company. He ventured into scoring for TV and completed works for Lion TV, Channel 4, Sky and various other media companies. His success within the urban music scene led to his discovery by veteran publishers, Ellish Rich and Marvin Howell who quickly signed him to OG Music Publishing.

Darkjoint has an ear for promising talents, which he then developed into bigger and greater artists. His trademark production can be found on various projects he has contributed to over the past 20 years. To celebrate the relaunch of the brand new JPM Recordings website, he has recently released a two-part album entitled ‘Forgotten Ones’ chronicling the conclusion to the Forgotten World album he created with Malarchi many years ago.

Darkjoint is available for music production, media, film and remix projects. Check out the above music player for Darkjoint's most recent production and remix projects.