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Role Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Songwriter, and Music Tutor
Genre/s Algorithmic Music, Science-based Composition, Orchestral Composition, Romantic and Jazz Piano, Psychedelic Rock, Swing, Klezmer, and Soul/Trip-hop/Jazz with Live Electronics.
Location London, UK

Max Burstyn is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from London. He has studied piano performance for most of his life, which led him to undertake a Bachelor’s degree in Composition at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM). In his applications for his further studies, he has accepted a place to study a Master's degree in composition at the Royal Academy of Music.

His style focuses mainly on the combination of Romantic and Jazz soundworlds with scientific theories. He has had orchestral works premiered at the RNCM, ballet music performed at the Royal Northern Ballet School, and chamber music performed in the British Library. He has also worked on several film scores, one of which was premiered at the opening of HOME in Manchester, and another which was premiered at the University of North Carolina’s film festival.

He is an aspiring music tutor, working with several companies in Central London. He is aiming towards a career as a composer, producer, DJ, live musician, and concert pianist.

Image of Max Burstyn
Image of Max Burstyn