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Role DJ, producer and remixer
Genre/s Techno and Tech House
Location Belgium

Grimmaldika has been making music over 20 years growing up with classical music and 60's & 70's albums he got interested in music at a very young age.

Starting off in the grunge and metal scene, playing various instruments and also playing in different bands his musical horizon is endless! In 2016 he bought his first DJ controller and soon after he and his brother began a DJ collective called 'Sound Of Systems' which currently hosts around 8 Dj's making 3 mixes weekly on mixcloud.

Since 2017, he began to focus producing on Techno and Tech House which very soon led to the first track release called 'Hard Monday' on the LINCOR label.

Now 2018, he has produced over 30+ released tracks with various labels, has a weekly radio show (UK) and a monthly residence at Boccaccio Beach club (BE) A new project named 'The Sinner & The Saint' is at the horizon, producing tracks and spinning 4 decks with his brother in a true co-op fashion.

Links to Grimmaldika's music
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