Catching Feelings

Emanuel thesinger


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Genre: Pop
Released: 2017
Format: Digital
Type: Single
Produced: Darkjoint
Mixed: Darkjoint

The official single from the Mani EP.

Track List

  1. Catching Feelings (Album Version)
  2. Catching Feelings (Radio Mix)
  3. Catching Feelings (DJ J Pistol Remix)
  4. Catching Feelings (Instrumental)
  5. Catching Feelings (Acapella)


Writers: R. Roy-Macaulay, S. Addo, S. Carbon and C.Emanuel Muhammad
Produced: Darkjoint
Mixed: Darkjoint
Mastered: Audio Animals
Recorded/engineered: Darkjoint at Darkjoint Penthouse Suite
Label: JPM Recordings
Executive Producer: R. Roy-Macaulay and Mr Biggs
Artwork: Design Freak


Click here to download the official Catching Feelings lyric sheet.


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