Backmotion release their debut EP 'Rebirth'

17 June 2018

image of Rebirth cover

'REBIRTH' is the first 4 tracks EP released by the duo band BackMotion. Recorded and produced between 2017-2018 in Milan, by the music producer Giulio Maddaloni & the singer/songwriter Joel Adama Gueye.

In this EP, Adama writes about the reflection of a man in connection with his social life. How actions can lead you to big changes in life and can create a brighter future. The “REBIRTH”. “Surrender & Get Out” are probably the 2 songs that represent the most BackMotion. The lyrics, the sound, the underground mood that goes with it and the pop structure, make the songs catchy and enjoyable to listen to.

The dub bass and sound design created with pads and effects give an indie sound influenced by the 90’s.

From the deep round bass, pads, synths that will remind you of the good old days (80’s & 90’s) to the analog drums that create a unique & fresh sound for the genre. 'REBIRTH'.

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